Scattergood Repowering Project

Scattergood Repowering Project – SBE/MBE

G&C Completes First Year on Scattergood Project with Kiewit Power Constructors

For the last year, G&C Equipment Corporation a  DVBE, DBE, SBE, MBE, HUBZONE certified company, and Kiewit Power Constructors have made significant progress on the Scattergood Unit 3 Repowering Project. The project calls for the construction of a 300 MW 1×1 combine cycle plant and a nominal 200 MW 2×0 simple cycle plant to replace the outdated steam boiler Unit 3, boosting efficiency, reliability, and  flexibility.

By procuring materials and supplies via our onsite Purchasing Agent that works directly with the Kiewit team, we have successfully procured over21 million dollars worth of material to fulfill Los Angeles Water and Power’s SBE goal. This project is expected to wrap up in December of 2015.