Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center Inpatient Tower Hensel Phelps

(Los Angeles, CA)

This existing 194,000 square foot building has 5-stories plus a basement. It will be renovated to hold 120 patient beds together with essential hospital services. These include emergency department, inpatient pharmacy, radiology, operating rooms, central sterilization and support functions. With the exception of the ICU Department, the entire building will be improved with new and renovated mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fire alarm, and pneumatic tubing and security systems.

  • Office Trailer Complexes
  • Trade Labor
  • Concrete

Harbor UCLA Medical Center Surgery/Emergency Replacement Project Hensel Phelps

(Los Angeles, CA)

The project will increase the size of the existing emergency room from 25,000 square feet with 42 surgery bays to about 75,000 square feet with 80 surgery bays. It will also add 190,300 square feet of new hospital facilities, including 16 surgery rooms; an adult and pediatric triage; and a new entrance, lobby and waiting area. Other features will include a new heliport and 544-vehicle parking structure.

  • Office Trailer Complexes

California Health Care Facility (CHCF) Clark Constrution

(Stockton, CA)

The overall CHCF will be approximately 1,159,000 gross square feet (GSF) and shall be used to house and treat 1,722 adult male inmate-patients with serious or chronic medical and mental health needs. The proposed Project includes housing, clinical facilities, inmate visiting, rehabilitative programming, miscellaneous support facilities and other improvements.

  • Office Trailer Complexes
  • Chillers
  • Boilers

Kaiser Permanente – Anaheim Medical Center Hospital Support Building Hensel Phelps

(Anaheim, CA)

Kaiser Foundation Hospital Anaheim is one of several Kaiser Template Hospitals in California. This project includes a 434,000 square-foot, six-story hospital housing 262 beds with a partial basement. The adjacent hospital support building is housed in a 177,000 square-foot, six-story structure and a three-story, 31,800 square-foot central utility plant.

  • Office Trailer Complex
  • Manhoists
  • Trade Labor

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